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50+ Years of Experience

Dr. Alan Pittle has been serving the communities of El Paso, Las Cruces, Juarez and surrounding areas since 1972. 

In 2003, his son, Dr. Charles Pittle

returned to the El Paso area to begin his private practice.

Fungal Nails

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infection underneath the surface of the nail caused by fungi. When the tiny organisms take hold, the nail often becomes darker in color and smells foul. <Source>

Our Podiatrists treat a variety of podiatric issues and ailments (such as athlete's foot, bunions, callouses, diabetic foot care, fungus or fungal nails, hammertoes, heel pain, ingrown toe nails, wound care, etc.) and accept patients of all ages, including infants, children, teenagers and adults. With treatment options ranging from surgical to medical to physical procedures, patients are familiarized with the full scope of options prior to receiving treatment. 

Your health is very important to us.  If you are uncomfortable, having foot pain or need some general foot care, our foot specialists want to help.  Together, we will work to help you feel better as quickly as possible.  
Please call us at (915) 598-3338 to set-up your visit with one of our podiatrists.

Ingrown Nail(s)

The most common nail impairment, are nails whose corners or sides dig painfully into the soft tissue of nail grooves, often leading to irritation, redness, and swelling. <Source>

Love your feet.


A bunion is a “bump” on the joint at the base of the big toe—the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint—that forms when the bone or tissue at the big toe joint moves out of place. The toe is forced to bend toward the others, causing a  painful lump of bone on the foot. <Source>

Common Foot Problems

Here's just a few ailments we're here to help with. To all our services, click below.